Our Goals & Objectives


Protect environment, conserve natural resources, keep beauty of the planet and create a conducive environment to live in for the future generation.


  • To conserve and promote extinctive animals and plants.
  • To empower people of all classes, levels and areas to conserve biological diversities.
  • To conserve, develop and widen plant community.
  • Use fundamental principle of livelihood to conserve natural resources and utility.
  • To construct profitless, to keep natural balance by utilizing the resources of educational institutions, health posts and develop public parks to inform and comfort to different community.
  • To conduct world-wide programmes related to environmental balance and conserve by 2020 A.D.
  • To establish and operate centers in research of natural resources that can be produced in the concerned areas by advocating and supporting Human Rights.
  • To conduct specific self dependence program focusing women’s and children’s potential and aware them to generate income by maintaining the environmental conservation.