Love The Nature


This is the need of the hour to educate and aware general public on environmental issues faced by our nation and the world. What will be a better place to initiate than the urban area where most population is accumulated? Due to industrial and vehicle smoke human health is affecting day by day. Due to concretization beauty of city is being myth.

In the community, educated people spread the light of knowledge and positive thought to eliminate the darkness. But our cities always depressed the citizen with its ugly looks. We all have acquired our knowledge and skills that are helping us to make better decisions in our life in professional and personal levels during the various stage of life. Our generation is suffering from pollution from political agendas to environmental circumstances.

Therefore, by spreading the environmental knowledge and practice among the people by real action is necessary in current context. We have to restore love for the nature in our heart.

Executive Summary:

14th February, Valentine's Day, a day set aside for love, world celebrate love between two hearts. Being environment activist we are celebrating as love between a heart and the nature, “Love The Nature”

We, SAVE THE PLANET NEPAL, are demanding 14th February as national nature lovers’ day with Government of Nepal.


We are promoting Love The Nature by means of five major activities. 

i. Speech Campaign: To collect the thought.

ii. Art (drawing/playing Campaign: To collect the creativity and innovation.

iii. Signature Campaign: To collect the commitments.

iv. Clean & Green Campaign: To maintain surrounding health.

v. Media Campaign: To aware public and bring replication.