School Green Campaign

This is the need of the hour to educate our young generation on environmental issues faced by our nation and the world. What will be a better place to initiate than the schools? 

As the old proverb dictates, ‘Knowledge is power’ and we regard the schools pious place – the home of Goddess Sarawati. 

In our community, schools by spreading the light of knowledge eliminate the darkness of ignorance. We all have acquired our knowledge and skills that are helping us to make better decisions in our life in professional and personal levels during our schools, colleges and universities years. Our young generation is acquiring knowledge and skills that they will use in their turn to contribute to the world.

Therefore, by spreading the environmental knowledge and practice among our young generation via LRLP Project ‘Lab for Reading & Land for Practice’. We can kindle love for the nature in their heart. Thus making them young environmental activist; encouraging them to make eco-friendly decisions in their day-to-day life.


Schools: A Green Zone project is an initiative to make the school green in the participation of school's students. This project cover 5000 schools within ten years and declared 5000 green zone throughout the nation. Along this we will develop of 500,000 young environment activist (100 from one school). Similarly 5,000 young environment expert (1 from each school) providing scholarship in their higher study on environmental education in national or international college/university. We develop and conduct one nursery in each school catchment area, so that 5,000 green entrepreneur will establish with minimum 15,000 green employment (at least 3 persons in a nursery) opportunity. So, here we able to plant 2,000 plants in a school’s catchment area , so we can survive/grow 1,00,00,000 plants in 5,000 schools within ten years.

Our activities will not limit inside school’s premises but go throughout the school’s catchment area. We will search/observe/find wetland, habitat of endangered species (plants & animals), find the suitable economical and environmental valued species and collect all the environment related information with student leadership at school. So that, school will not an academic learning centre only it is environmental learning centre too, Such school is ultimately declared a green zone.

This project will create a student's green team per school from grade 6 to 12 and involve them by making team to run environment library and garden constructed by this project. Student's club under the supervision of coordinator teacher and organizer’s representative will care those lab and garden. From this project, students will learn the importance of greenery in our life; theoretically and practically. Here, we have to use suitable species, fruits, vegetable, medicinal, ornamental and other economical valued plants. Conserving wetland itself a high potential spot for tourism. Similarly, garden will give good economical activities addressing climate change and global warming issues.

The project cost is Nrs. 5,00,000 per school equals to Nrs. 2,50,00,00,000 . After completion of this project we can expect 10,00,000 yearly benefit from each nursery, which is Nrs.5,00,00,00,000. Without other hidden income from plants farming, tourism activity (wetland) etc.

Note: activities address to minimize global warming & climate change issues with developing/producing environmental activists and experts with good economical activities is most important factor of this project.