Green and White volunteering programs:

STPN to provide the volunteering program especially in mountain and Himalayan region for national and international interested person. When participant enroll in volunteer in mountain and Himalayan region , they get to not only see a spectacular country of mountains ,hills, valley, deep ravines and forests, they'll also enjoy warm and ever welcoming hospitalities of the people and work in volunteer project that will uplift poor and deprived communities. In this programs, you can teach English to children, take the classes in school student and teachers about the environment, sustainable agriculture, local resources, or work in orphanage to help orphaned children ,or volunteer in health. Nepal perhaps is the most ideal destination for volunteering abroad trip. This is so because while volunteering in Nepal, you'll also meet warm and friendly people and encounter fascinating cultures and unique customs that have thrived in this rugged but beautiful country.

Why You Should Join Green white Program

If you love unspoiled nature, the beauty of snow-capped mountains, and enjoy living in a region inhabited by warm and welcoming people then you must volunteer in the Everest region. For centuries the Sherpas, the local people of the region, have lived a hard life walking up and down high mountain passes for trade with outside world and for bearing extremely cold weather to grow vegetables in the fields during short summer months. With the arrival of tourist from around the world, this has seen their lives improve a great deal. Now, the region has schools and hospitals, and even during winter, there is food and warm clothes. But the region needs help from volunteers to progress more as those Sherpas who aren’t involved in tourism, and other ethnic groups who have moved to the region, are struggling to sustain themselves. By teaching and helping their children and community, you will give them confidence and a reason to hope for a better future.